Magic In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where family gathers and the Magic happens. Some kitchen are  tinny, some are big and some get compliment too. But as per me kitchen is like only to make ma stomach full, but when i saw this kitchen  its totally changed my thought , let me explain why.  this is my second  visit to golden temple, earlier i just took some pic of temple,  but this time i thought  i should visit to the kitchen  where everyday and night thousands of people  have their food , as per the plan at evening i went to the kitchen  the kitchen was tinny but well hygiene well maintained  the pots are too big and heavy to describe in words and last but  not the least the peoples are too humble, and down to earth. Everyday they cook , they wash but nobody know them, they don’t have fame like five star chefs . Every time we visit the temple only, and went to have food there but , we never went to kitchen to know who is serving us……………….. as per me this is the real magic of a kitchen and i respect them who is behind the magic.



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