Varanasi – A City of People, Ghats, Narrow Alleys & Holly Cow’s

Varanasi, one of the Holiest cities of India situated on the banks of River Ganga (Ganges).

It’s one of the Oldest living Cities of world with a history that is older than most of the major world religions. The life of this City runs through by River Ganga (Ganges), the most sacred river in India.

Apart from being part of 7 most holy spiritual cities in india It’s also a spiritual center of Hinduism as well as Buddhism as Near to Varanasi is Saranth where Gautam Buddha first gave his Sermon to the common people.

Other than being a Holy city it’s a City famous for its Narrow alley’s where one can find himself/herself lost very easily in to the alleys.

Every alley is connect to more alley’s making this city a giant maze of alley’s where navigation is often very difficult for a new comer who has just arrived.

Another aspect of this city is its Holy Cow’s. Cow’s are as important as God/Goddess in Hindu religion & here in Varanasi they are in abandon.

In Every narrow alley one can find one or more these holy beings roaming around freely blocking flow of people through the alleys.

Only good thing is that they are harmless, very gentle in nature, unless being extremely irritated they will not attack the passerby’s.

Being situated on the banks of River Ganga(Ganges) this city is also famous of its Ghats. On those Ghats one can see the how spiritualism is getting merged into daily life of common people.

As one can see in one Ghat people are taking holy dip into the holy river to wash of their sins at the same time in another Ghat one can see that people’s are washing their dirty cloths.

It’s Like River Ganga (Ganges) is washing away’s dirt from people’s sole as well as their cloths.

Here are few moments captured from Varanasi….

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Rahul DHar


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