Weekend Wandering Session – All in Color

Last Weekend I wanted to shoot like Old days like what we Used to Do when we were using Film Camera, Just composing the photo via Viewfinder & finding out the result when developing the Film.

With No Instant preview on the DSLR LCD, Tell you the truth Its was kinda Fun to shoot like that….

Here are few moments captured during my last Wandering Session.









Hope you Guys will like the captured moments & give some feedback/Critic on the Photos….


Rahul DHra


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wandering Session – All in Color

  1. Salute to you and your enthu.

    Lovely frames brother. Well this weekend i spent on sleeping (that’s what i do on all weekend.. Sleep eat and sleep again). I have been a lazy ass.

    Also it was raining. Thou my photo buddies would be doing macro and highspeed photos at home, i just dont get the feel for these genera.

    Have a great week ahead


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    1. Weekends are the time when i can go out to shoot…
      In weekdays am busy in Office, don’t have time to shoot 🙂
      Rainy days are so good for photos Man 🙂 …. So much happening every where…
      This time i really wants to capture some moments of Delhi monsoon….

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