Life, Around Valentine’s Day……

Valentine day, Feb 14th we all know… Day of Celebrating Love… Day of Giving Gifts to your Loved One…

But is It really that Different from Any Other day for a common people who Had to work all day to provide for his/her family ???

So I thought Lets spend this Valentine day on the Street among common people who mostly have no idea or no Interest in Celebrating Valentine day !!!!


Street Food Seller selling food on the road side. Did he wished his Wife a Very Happy Valentine’s Day before leaving his home for work !!!


A Taxi Driver who was driving me from one place to Another. I really Didn’t saw a Excitement in his Eye’s rather I Saw a  Bitter Sadness…


An Old Couple bagging on the street in the Name of God of their belief. May be a Different sort of celebration of love, something very pure in the Core.


A Shoe repair guy awaiting for a Customer in his Shoe Castle. May be also talking to his loved one.


Guy walking past a roadside Calendar shop may be with a thought that ” I have to feed my family for another 15/16 days with the little money i have” ….. May be !!!!!


Twist & be Slim… Love is all about physical appearance right or its more then physical appearance !!!!!


Surrounded  by all sort of Offer… Really in a Hotspot…


Mother’s Love for her Children, Making food on the makeshift roadside shelter.


“WE Will Stay Together No Matter What……” A Homeless family Sleeping on the street.


So To all those people who feel sad on Valentine’s Day for being single, its really not a big deal… There are lots more stuff going on around…
If you find Love thats really Good but if you dont then find something that you care about, let that make you happy.


Rahul DHar


4 thoughts on “Life, Around Valentine’s Day……

  1. loved the concept. Dude i was watching Nat Geo Cover Shot “Maximum City” yesterday and i felt so sorry. How can they choose so dumb ass folks as their contestant. Seeing them shoot was miserable and terrible trauma. They just don’t have any Idea.

    There was this guy who was trying to shoot Chai Wala as his story. He shot the chai Shot from Lower angle with one hand giving chai and another taking with the bokeh of green leaves. I just wanted to scream at him and say “dude this frame speaks shit”. He should have had shot same frame with people in BG waiting for Chai and then two hands exchanging chai.. That would be such a great prospective photo 🙂

    And there was another fool trying to click Dabba Wala .. Gosh he was so confused about what to click and whom to click. And he kept on saying “i have to get picture”.. I was laughing so hard 🙂

    I loved the guy who got to click taxi wala. His approach was so good. He was making his subject comfortable and talking to him and getting insight.

    Gosh what is happening to story telling frames. People just dont understand the importance of story and how story revolves.

    Bro This is a great concept that you went ahead and did. Knowing you, i know you can do much better than this. Great work bro

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    1. Last year when i was coming back from Pushkar, i had an opportunity to have a long discussion with a Lady (Photo Editor) from Net Geo Cover Shot program & what she told me that if she was the person choosing the contestants she would have not selected most of the contestants.

      Am not sure if that statement was true or not as i haven’t seen a single episode of that program.

      But Its a TV shows at the end of the day right so how can you expect it to be all about Photography.

      It can’t be at-least as far as my understanding goes.

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