Man at Work – Photographer’s in Action

We all love to see good beautiful photo’s & appreciate the artistic view point of the Photographer who took that shot but do we ever try to figure out what really goes behind the Camera !!!! What effort actually makes a good photograph !!!!

Photographer’s in Action

1.) Photographer Trying to compose a shot of a Idol Maker.



2.) Walking in a paddy filed to get a different vantage point to get a shot




3.) Trying to get a low angle shot of the riders




4.) What started with one photographer ended with bunch trying to get the same shot & ultimate result is a Crying baby… No shot for any.



4.) Portrait shot in progress



5.) Ground level shot in progress



6.) Composing through live view


7.) Waiting for the Sun to get to the proper position



And Lastly, no work just seating… A IDLE Photographer…



Hope my photos will give a small window to view what goes behind the camera to get a good shot.


Rahul DHar


7 thoughts on “Man at Work – Photographer’s in Action

  1. I am looking at the ideal photographers shot.. And i remember how the idea of this shot poped up its cracking me up man.

    Thanks for posting it bro.


  2. Na man he was a fashion geek … But search for captain sharma he knows this fellow.

    I didn’t liked how he was negative abt canon … Although i am canon guy i also admire and think nikon is great camera. And him being a fashion geek i had not p.o.i to remember his name coz i had nothing to learn from him :p

    sorry but that’s how i feel


    1. Its okk, not a issue…

      I have used both Nikon & Canon and really there is not much of a difference once you go to the high-end gears.

      To me both Nikon & Canon are equally good but my all time fav is film camera, at-least to me if some one really wants to learn photography he/she must use a film camera first to understand things, how every thing works, afterwards he/she can moved to DSLR.

      And photos are surely not made by the Camera itself only 🙂

      I have seen photos taken from mobile/point n shoot camera which are as good as photos taken from good DLSR

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dude captain is not much of wordpress guy. You check him in FB he is out there.

        And i agree on your comment about photo. Its not created by camera, its crafted by the artistic heart.. With camera you are camera owner not a photographer

        man lets end this new age world war topic between photographers

        Liked by 1 person

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